I really had fun creatively completing this order. The first header that I completed was of Harry Shum Jr. My favorite part was the grey face cut up (is that how you describe it,lol). And the small colored boxes on the right.

The second header was completely different and I used a lot of beautiful images, which I had fun with. I loved adding the little triangles and circles on the sides, that was fun.

I was on holiday for a week in Wales, I climbed Snowdonia, which was so hard, my legs still hurt but it was such an amazing challenge and I feel so refreshed and I am ready to tackle all the orders. Thank you again to everyone that has placed an order on mochi-designs, I will try my best to provide you good designs and themes.

Orders are still opened but I do have a few #5 combo orders and I’m slow at doing orders. So, if you are interested in placing an order, I thought I would let you know it will take a while.

Also, please please read the rules before placing an order. If I do not see the secret answer, your order might not be accepted. Thank you again. Happy Summer 🙂


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