14 th


Please read the rules before ordering!

  • I want to say that I am still learning to make wordpress themes and coding. So, there might be errors that I don’t even know how to fix so with each order I want to grow, learn something new and improve which is why for the next 6 months ALL orders will be free.
  • The only thing ask is please respect the designs and the themes that I make, it takes a lot of effort to create themes especially when I am new and I am trying to make them as unique as possible.
  • So, a minimum to have my themes on your site is 1 month. If you are unable to have my theme for a month on your site please click back, please don’t order from me because I have had this happen before and it is such a waste of a good theme and a waste of my time and those who are waiting for their themes to be done afterwards.
  • The timeline for me to finish an order will be 3 weeks from the time I send you an email stating that I have accepted your order and that I will start working on the theme. Please be patient with me, I am doing this for free. *A Combo order will take 4 weeks.
  • Please provide HQ (high quality) images in your order. (minimum I would say 800px width)
  • (Optional) Please provide clear images, with a clear background to make it easier to design.
  • If you have any font specialties, mention it when ordering and I will set the themes up to your required fonts. You can browse on Googlefonts to see if anything meets your fancy.
  • DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDIT or claim anything I make as your own.
  • If you need help editing or adding anything html/css wise please specify on your order and I will be happy to help you.
  • If you have any questions before ordering or after the order is finished please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  • The secret word is Bangtan. If I don’t see this on the order, I may not accept your order as it will mean you didn’t read these rules.