03 rd


Made some cute Tharntype icons. I currently love this show.


I am back, I want to get back into the grove of designing and making websites again.

So, they will be more updates on here. Happy New years. 2020 I want to learn more coding and create better creative websites.

I also just want to have fun with it and enjoy creating graphics and websites.

I want to create new layout for Mochi-designs. I think it’s time for an update.

From past experience, I have designed websites for free for people. Like responsive wordpress and coppermine themes and it takes a lot of time, especially when I am so busy but because people have taken advantage of the free themes I have decided this time, im not going to offer to create themes for free.

I want to create the themes that I want, the headers, graphics that make me happy. So that I can get back into the groove of coding and later on I can sell pre-made themes if anyone wants them.

That’s the goal for 2020.


Goodies Website Update
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